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Birthdate:Aug 14
Location:United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland


I’m Adrian, I’m 19, I live in Glasgow and I’m a guy :D

Where do I stand in the world of SPN-ism?
I’m more of a Dean boy than a Sammy’s boy BUT I do love Sam.
I’m into Wincest more than Destiel But I adore Cas.
What do I ship you ask?
Is that what you asked?
It is?
I ship Wincest and J2. Anything and everything besides Death fic’s. I’ll read anything once. I’m not into all kinks but I’ll give them a read.
I love writing, drawing and dying my hair. I’m Vegetarian and I love animals, I have two tattoo’s and three Piercing’s but that will soon change.
I can’t edit to save my life, well I can I can change eye colour and add fangs and such BUT I can’t add people into pictures so there probably wont be any Sexy Manips from me. Although if you feel the need to make me some? Well that wont go unloved
I love horror movies and gore, if it wasn’t obvious by now my favourite TV show is Supernatural and my favourite actors are
Jared Padalecki
and Jensen Ackles both fallowed closely by Misha Collins.

Everything that I write, besides this and my biography Isn’t real, its purely a work of fiction. Made up in my head that’s all.

i was SPN_FREAK_BOY but.. i dind't like hte username that much so i made a new account :D

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