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Chapter Four

“Me?” Jensen asked with curiosity clear in his voice. “what about me?”
Before their conversation could continue though there was a soft knock at the door. “Jensen” Jensen glanced to the door hearing his name. A smile spread across his face as Chris stepped inside. “Sorry” Chris apologised. “But can I talk to you for a minute?”
Jensen nodded his head before glancing down at Jared. “I’ll be back” he told him as he placed his hand down on top of Jared’s. He gave it a gentle squeeze. He tried to ignore the jolt of heat that, that one simple touch sent through him. He smiled and followed Chris out of the room.

As they stepped into the corridor Jensen raised an eyebrow “You couldn’t have just called?” he asked.
Chris chuckled shaking his head. They stopped finally at one of the vending machines. Jensen watched as Chris took some money from his pocket and purchased a can of Cola. “I was at Steve’s place anyway” Chris told him.
Jensen smirked. He was against the wall back pressed firmly against the concrete as he raised an eyebrow. “Oh really?” he questioned.
“Really” Chris answered.
Jensen chuckled “So what’s up?”
Chris smiled and tilted his head toward Jared’s room “So he’s awake”
“Yeah” Jensen smiled.
“Just a few minutes ago. He answered glancing back quickly in the direction of Jared’s room. “I really got to get back in there”
Chris nodded and took a sip of the Cola. He lowered the can and sighed “we’ve expanded our search to the rest of Texas.”
Jensen nodded unsure as of what to really say. “Did they find anything useful at Jared’s place?”
Chris shrugged “Some stuff but otherwise not really. The dicks were careful but we’ll get them.”
Jensen watched as Chris licked his lips nervously and looked anywhere but at him.

“Can I ask you something Jen?” he asked.
“If you promise never to call me that again then yes.” Jensen nodded. He folded his arms across his chest and gave Chris a mock-serious glare.
“You care about him?”
“Of course I do” Jensen responded. “He’s a member of the Pack right?”
“No” Chris said shaking his head “Well, yes he is but that’s not what I meant. No I mean you CARE about him. I’ve never seen you look at anyone the way you look at him.”

Jensen chewed his lip between his teeth. It was true, he did care about Jared but to what extent he didn’t know. When he had seen Jared laying on the stretcher, all bloody and bruised something inside him , Something pure instinct took over and he really had no other choice but to save him. His mind was constantly on Jared it actually scared him. A lot.

“Jensen” Chris sighed. He placed his hand on Jensen‘s shoulder and gave it a tight squeeze. “I’m not judging you man. I think it’s great that you care about him, I do but please don’t be stupid… don’t do anything stupid we don’t know if they’ve infected him with anything.” at the glare Jensen shot him Chris raised his hands up defensively.
“I’m not saying its his fault Alpha” he assured using his friends title respectively. “I know its not his fault or anything. I’m just saying be careful if you end up infected with whatever this thing is, we don’t know what could happen to you, you’re not just the Alpha of this pack Jensen. We need you”

“I know Chris” Jensen said softly. He shrugged “I’m not really sure what’s going on and what it I I’m feeling but I promise until we know anything I wont do anything ‘stupid’ Ok?”
Chris nodded “you better get back in there”
“Yeah” Jensen agreed. “Call me tonight?”
“Sure” Chris nodded. “Now go.”


Jared watched as the green eyed man walked back into the room with an unopened bottle of water clutched in one hand and a straw in the other.
“Wh-wh” he tried but his throat wouldn’t work properly. It was frustrating to say the least. His body hurt for reasons unknown to him. When the green eyed man.. Jensen as the other had called him was out of the room Jared had had a look at himself. He judged from the casts on his arms and legs, the various wires and bandages attached to his body that he’d been in some sort of accident.

“Here.” Jensen said uncapping the water. Jared watched as he slid the straw into the bottle and moved closer until his legs touched the bed. Jared opened his mouth and let Jensen place the straw inside. He took a few gulps and sighed happily when the cool liquid seemed to sooth his throat.

“Where am I?” he asked his own voice sounding more familiar to him than it had just a few minutes ago.
“You’re in the hospital.” Jensen told him. “how are you feeling?”
Jared tried to shrug but topped himself just a the pain hit. He winced. “Sore.” he admitted and Jensen nodded. “We’ll get your pain meds up then and we’ll call your Mom, let her know you’re awake.”
“My mom’s here?.” Jared asked “Why?”
Jensen took the seat next to Jared’s bed and met his eyes.
“Jared you were in a Coma for 4 days.” he watched as Jared’s eyes widened and fear overtook the man’s amazing features.
“Must.. Have been a bad accident then.”
“Accident?” Jensen asked biting his lip. “Jared what exactly do you remember?”

Jared looked at Jensen then let his eyes move to the ceiling as he tried to remember.
“Um I remember coming home.” he said still looking thoughtful “then I remember…waking up here.. That’s about it, What happened?”
Jensen sighed then. He didn’t look comfortable Jared thought but didn’t call him on it.
“You were attacked.” Jensen told him. Silence filled the room. Jensen gave Jared time to process the information and Jared… well Jared really didn’t know what to say besides. “by who?”

“We don’t know that yet but we have people hunting Texas for them.” Jensen said quickly “Don’t worry Jared we’ll find them and make them pay for what they did to you.”

“What exactly did they do to me?” Jared asked worry coating his voice. His body hurt in more places than he’d originally registered. His stomach hurt, his thighs hurt and … his ass hurt.

“Jared…” Jensen said calmly.
“what did they do?” Jared cut in. his eyes were wide with fear and his skin was paler than it had been a few seconds ago. “What did they do?!”

“Jared!” Jensen’s voice was stern with authority. He could see and hear the monitors that kept an eye on Jared’s heart react to his panic. “You need to calm down”

“Alpha is everything ok in here?” A nurse questioned as she ran into the room. Responding to the sounds of Jared’s monitor.
“No” Jensen said and he didn’t bother to look back at her “I need you to up his pain meds by 10ml can you do that?” she nodded quickly.

“Alpha?” Jared asked stilling completely as he stared at Jensen. “you’re.. you’re Jensen Ackles that’s… how I know you” realisation took over Jared and Jensen quickly cupped his cheek to stop Jared from tilting his head to him.
“No” Jensen said quickly “you don’t need to do that Ok? You’re hurt Jared just relax Ok? Please” the worried look in Jensen’s eyes made Jared will his body to relax, he wanted to make that look disappear. As the higher dosage of pain medication worked its way into Jared’s body Jensen could see him relax physically. His body didn’t look so tense.

“I’ll call your Mom Ok?” Jensen said as his fingers absentmindedly stroked down Jared’s neck. He pulled them back though before he could let the feeling of Jared’s skin under his own effect him anymore than it already had.

He smiled down at the taller man. “Everything’s going to be Ok, Ok?” Jensen said standing. He stepped out from the chair and moved to the foot of Jared’s bed. “We’ll get your Mom here and then when you’ve talked to her we’ll decide what to do next.”

Jared nodded slowly. “yeah.. How are my dogs?”
Jensen smiled and chuckled slightly “They’re fine do you want them brought here?”
Jared nodded, a smile pulling on his lips.
“please.. And Alpha?”
“Call me Jensen”
“Ok, Jensen?”
“Thank you… I don’t know why or how I know it but I know that your part of the reason I’m still here…so thank you.”
Jensen smiled and nodded lifting a chart from the table near Jared’s bed. “I need to go check on more patient’s and call your Mom but I’ll be back Ok? And Jared.. Anytime” and it was true. He’d help Jared anytime. No matter what.