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Jensen didn’t get to see much of Jared for about three days after he’d woken up from the coma. There had been short hellos and quick discussions of Jared’s progress but no real time to properly talk to each other had come up. Jared needed his rest. He had family visiting and police to talk to while Jensen had pack duties and other patient’s to take care of. It was frustrating to say the least.

Jensen didn’t know the man that well or at all really, he knew a few things, facts listed on documents in Jared’s medical history. Sheri had told him a few stories about Jared when they ran into each other but really Jensen didn’t know Jared. He didn’t know the sound of his laugh or what his favourite foods were. Their conversations had been simple short and sweet, doctor/patient and nothing more. He was determined to know Jared although he didn’t really know why.

Jensen tugged off his blue scrubs shirt and threw it into the laundry basket next to the shower. He did the same to the matching bottoms and black boxers that followed. He stepped into the shower and sighed happily as the almost too hot water hit his skin.

The bathroom joined to his office wasn’t anything special. Nothing like the bathroom he had at home. It was average sized with a shower, a toilet and a sink. The shower of course was the largest thing in the room, big enough to fit his human form as well as his wolf. The walls were a light turquoise colour, the tiles a peril white. A laundry basket stood next to the shower and a large cupboard hung on the wall. Above the sink was a mirror and in front of the shower was a mat.

He didn’t stay in the shower long, it was only 20 minutes or so before he got back out, dried himself off with a towel from the rack that hung on the opposite wall and re-dressed in black boxer shorts, a pair of blue jeans and a black button down shirt which he left open at the top by three buttons. He brushed his teeth and gelled up his hair. He wasn’t vein by any means but he knew what looked good on him.

He switched the light to the bathroom off , closed the door and made sure to pick up the plastic bag from his office before he left.


Jensen approached Jared’s room just in time to see one of the nurses stood between his legs. Before he could turn away though to give Jared at least a little more privacy the nurse caught his sent and looked over her shoulder, A small smile curving her lips.
“Hello Alpha.”
Jensen nodded his hello just as she stepped back.
“I’ll come back.” Jensen said holding up his hand as she motioned him inside the room.
“No need.” she told him “We’re done.”
Jensen watched as she un-strapped Jared’s legs and let them fall gently back down onto the mattress.
He stepped inside just as she pulled the blankets back over Jared to hide his exposed skin.
“How is everything?” Jensen questioned. He made sure to give Jared a friendly smile before he returned his attention back toward the nurse.

“Good Alpha.” she beamed “Everything appears to be healing steadily he’ll be good as new in no time.” Jensen nodded and thanked her as she left.

The room looked different than it had before. No doubt the work of Jared’s family and friends. There were flowers on the nightstand next to some books and some posters were stuck to the walls with sticky tack.

“Looks cosier in here.” he said mostly to himself as he took the seat by Jared’s bed.
“How’re you feeling?”
He could see the blush tinting Jared’s face and frowned.“You hate it huh?”
“What?” Jared asked looking slightly confused.
“The examinations.”
“Oh yeah, yeah I do they’re just… embarrassing you know? Well you wouldn’t know but I suppose you can imagine how it’d feel to have someone poke and stare… Down there.”

Jensen nodded because yes he could imagine. Not from personal experience but through simple sense. He thought that having people stare at your most private parts on an almost day to day basis couldn’t be pleasant.
“Yeah I understand but it has to be done Jared you know.. To make sure you’re healing properly.”

Jared looked good. Really good. The cuts and bruises that had covered his face were gone and according to his chart the ones on his body had disappeared as well. So far everything seemed to be healing nicely. A little slow for Jensen’s liking but that had been thanks to the wolfs-bane in his blood. Jensen couldn’t find a way to get rid of it any quicker than the medication was so until every last drop had left Jared’s body he would remain in the hospital.

“That reminds me.” Jensen suddenly said head darting up from the chart in front of him to Jared who only raised an eyebrow. “You should be out of here in the next too weeks at the rate the wolfs-bane is leaving your body it should be gone by then.”

Jensen couldn’t help but smile at the grin that spread over Jared’s face, all big white teeth and dimples.
“Really?” he asked “Seriously I’ll be able to go… home.”
At the last word Jensen saw Jared’s face fall and something replace the happiness in his eyes.
“What’s up?” he questioned, concern clear in his voice.
“Well.. What if I get out and.. And they come back?” Jared asked chewing his lower lip between his teeth.

Jensen didn’t need to ask to know exactly who ‘they’ were. He knew exactly who Jared was talking about. Jared’s parents as well as the police had informed Jared of what had happened and slowly his memories had started to come back. He often had nightmares but when awake he acted as if nothing were wrong. The pride of an Alpha could be a powerful thing.

Jensen knew just by looking at Jared that he was embarrassed about what had happened. Although he had no need to be. He knew Jared was scared and it was understandable. It was also something he hated.

“Jared.” Jensen said quietly. “No one will touch you, I promise.”
“How do you know that?” Jared asked
“Because I’m the Alpha.” Jensen grinned. He felt his smile widen when Jared returned it.
“And?” Jared prompted.
Jensen chuckled.
“I’ll put a guard outside the penthouse were you and your family are sleeping Ok?”
Jared nodded and motioned toward the door.
“The same one that’s outside?” he asked
Jensen grimaced at the thought and shook his head. “No.” he told him. “One with a personality.”
Jared laughed at that and Jensen felt something in his chest swell that he really didn’t know how to process.

“So why are you here?” Jared asked “Not that I don’t want you here but isn‘t your shift done for today?”
“Yeah.” Jensen nodded. “I’m finished but I figured I’d come give you some company, maybe stay the night?” he offered with a small smile.
Jared bit down on his lip, glanced away from Jensen then back.
“Are you sure?”
Jensen nodded. “Positive and I have a surprise for you.”

Jared arched an eyebrow “For little me?”
“Little?” Jensen asked as he took his rucksack from the floor. “You’re fucking huge man.”
Jared chuckled and winked. He sat up and only winced a little. “So what’s my surprise?”

Jensen shook his head at him and reached inside the bag. He pulled out two cans of coke, two packets of chips and a tub.

“What’s in that?” Jared asked pointing at the rectangle shaped container.
“Well since the food in here sucks” Jensen commented. “I figured I’d bring you a little something.
He removed the lid from the tub and grinned as Jared licked his lips.

He handed it over along with a fork and stood from the seat. He walked around Jared’s bed and took a seat in the one next to him. The same one Jared’s mother had used when she stayed over night with him. Jensen placed the cans of coke and the packets of chips onto the table between the beds and grinned as Jared tucked in.

Jensen had made a pasta the pervious night, nothing special just pasta with a cheese sauce and a few sliced tomato’s through it, he hadn’t thought it was anything to brag about but by the appreciative noises Jared was making he figured the other Alpha liked it.

“Dude!” Jared grinned after he swallowed a fork-full “This is fucking awesome.”
“Glad you like it.” Jensen smiled. He lay back on the bed, head rested against the pillow as he watched Jared for a few minutes.

He let the smile curve his lips as he watched until Jared finished with the food and placed it on the table next to the coke and chips.

“Thank you Alpha.” he said licking the sauce from his lips.
Jensen lent up on his elbow then, his head rested on his hand as he spoke.
“Jared.” he said softly. “You really don’t have to call me that you can call me Jensen.”

Jared looked a little reluctant. “Its not that I don’t want to.” he told him. “Just my Momma raised me to have respect for the Alpha and well…”
“I get it.” Jensen said softly “but really you can call me Jensen so can your mom I really don’t mind.”

Jared smiled then. “Jensen.”
It was strange but the sound of Jared saying his name made him feel sort of dizzy. It sounded straight but felt so right.
“Yeah?” Jensen asked
Jensen nodded and sat up, he swung his legs over the side of the bed and moved toward Jared’s. He stood beside the taller man and glanced down as he played with the bed sheets between his fingers.

“I uh.. I” Jared bit his lip and refused to meet Jensen’s gaze. “I … I um do you? Is it…” it seemed the boy couldn’t get his words out and if that just wasn’t the most adorable rambling Jensen had ever been on the receiving end of. He smiled lips curling up as he lent over, put his fingers under Jared’s chin to tilt his head up so their lips could meet in a kiss that in the world of wolf. Between two Alpha’s shouldn’t have been possible.

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