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Chapter One

“So were there any messages for me?” Jensen queried as he and Katie took their seats at the small table in the hospital cafeteria.

“Hm?” Katie asked as she placed her purse between her feet under the table.

“Oh yes… um sorry I forgot to say. I have them written down though.” She bit her lip nervously and looked anywhere but at him. Jensen leaned back in his seat, shaking his head as he watched her. They had known each other for years and were actually pretty close friends. Katie was human, one of the few that Jensen told some pack details too, yet if she made one simple mistake she felt the need to apologize repeatedly no matter how many times he assured her that it was no big deal.

He chuckled, eyes meeting hers when she finally looked up at him. “Katie.” he spoke, voice soft “It’s fine honestly, just tell me what the messages were.”

She nodded pulling a small white piece of paper from the pocket of her denim jacket.

“Your Mom called a few times.” She smiled. “After asking me how my life was and if I’d met anyone special, she told me to let you know that she loves you and if you don’t call her soon she’ll reveal the puppy pictures to the press.”

“She wouldn’t!” Jensen spoke, eyes narrowing in Katie’s general direction.

She had a feeling though that if Jensen’s mother were there, the glare would have been fixed on her… although of course it would be when her back was turned and she had no implements in hand that could cause him any physical or mental harm.

“She would.” Katie informed him, grinning as he shook his head. “And also.” She smiled leaning back in her seat, fingers placed lightly upon the cheese sandwich on her tray. “Mr. Kane called.” At the look Jensen gave her she cleared her throat. “Chris called.” She corrected. “He wanted me to let you know that the soup your mother cooked was amazing. He has given it a lot of thought and he has decided to kidnap your father, and tie him up in someone’s basement. Said he couldn’t say whom because then you’d know where he’d be.” She laughed softly. “He continued by saying that after your father was securely tied in the basement, he’d marry your mother, enjoy her cooking and become your new ,I think his words were daddy-o. He asked what your thoughts are and if you have anything to add to his statement. I told him I’m not sure you’d agree to his plan or indulge his fantasies about your mother’s cooking in any way but I’d pass on the message…”

“Well.” Jensen began as he took in Christian’s clearly thought out rant. “If he calls again tell him…” Jensen’s reply was cut short by a loud ear piercing scream from the corridor outside. He stood abruptly not really noticing as the cheese pasta and the Coke he’d considered for dinner fell to the floor as he ran out toward the noise quickly followed by Katie’s small frame.

“What do we have?” Jensen asked the young nurse when she practically ran into him in the hallway. “It’s pretty bad Alpha!” She panted as she ran alongside him toward the ER. “And his friend’s pretty frantic. I tried to calm him down but its not working and the guy’s bleeding pretty bad.”

As soon as the ER double doors swung open, Jensen’s eyes locked on the blonde haired, frantic man who stood just outside the huddle of doctors. He made a quick assessment of his surroundings before he stepped closer to the young male.

“Sir what’s your name?”

“IT DOESN’T MATTER WHAT MY FUCKING NAME IS JUST FUCKING FIX HIM!” He barked his words, eyes diverted, fixed firmly on the huddle of doctors and nurses.

“Sir!” Jensen repeated, his voice stern but not exactly threatening.

When the man’s eyes finally moved to him, Jensen watched as he seemed to calm. He took a few steps back from Jensen and quickly tilted his head. “Sorry Alpha” he spoke quietly. “He’s my friend I’m just worried shitless.”

“I understand.” Jensen said hand lightly placed on the smaller mans shoulder. “Now what’s your name sir?”

“Chad Michael Murray.” Chad announced, eyes finally falling back on his friend.

Jensen watched as he chewed his lower lip between his teeth and if the strong stench of blood wasn’t enough to give it away that the guy was hurt the look on Chad’s face did.

“And his name?” Jensen questioned following Chad’s gaze.

“His name’s Jared… I found him tied up … It’s pretty bad.”

“Don’t worry. we’ll do our best. Could you go with Katie please?” Jensen asked as the small woman approached. “We need you to fill in some forms. The police will be here soon”

Jensen didn’t wait for Chad’s reply. He stepped into the crowd of doctors who easily parted for him. They wheeled Jared down the hall and into one of the examination rooms away from the prying eyes of spectators and away from the noise of a crowded ER. After a further examination and further study of the paramedic notes, they wheeled him off to surgery.

Several hours later Jensen stepped out of the ER, his blue scrubs painted red with Jared’s blood. He stepped into his office only to stop short of pulling his shirt off.

“Can I help you?” He asked the two men at his desk. Stepping closer he realized they were police officers.

“Yes, we’re here about Jared Padalecki.” The tall bald one said as he stood extending his hand to Jensen.

“Jared Padalecki?” Jensen questioned aloud. “Oh right him, sorry…” Jensen apologized, removing the protective cap from his head. He wiped at his forehead with the back of his hand before he took a seat behind the desk.

“It’s been a rough night.” Both officers nodded. The dark haired one leaned forward clasping both hands on his knee, his head tilted slightly before he straightened up and began to speak.

“We understand Alpha, we just need to know if you could tell us how bad his injuries are for the report.”

Jensen nodded and sat back, eyes diverted as he spoke. Being covered in someone’s blood wasn’t really the most comfortable position to be in while in deep conversation but then again Jensen figured that being in Jared’s? shoes right now wouldn’t be easy either.

“He’s alive,” he told them. “He’s in ICU right now and if he lives through the night then he should be okay… we hope. Whoever did this to him drugged him. We took samples of his blood that you can take along with you for evidence if you need.” The dark haired cop nodded so Jensen continued. “He’s been burned, restrained and pretty badly beaten not to mention…” He took a deep breath before finally his eyes met both officers.

“He’s been raped and its pretty bad. we took samples of the… fluids that you’re welcome to take as well. From what we know so far, we know that Jared’s attacker was an Alpha…”

“You mean?” The bald cop asked blinking slightly before leaning closer, seemingly intrigued by the details of Jared’s attack. “They knotted him?”

Jensen eyed the man carefully before nodding. “Yes… the drugs we’ve given him will ease with the physical pain. The broken bones will heal and so will the other injuries… I can’t say much for the emotional pain though.”

Jensen stood then, watching as both men followed his example. He sighed stepping out from behind the desk. “If we’re done here I’d really like to get changed.”

The cops nodded, handed Jensen over a small white card with a number on it then quickly left the office. Before the door closed though Jensen peeked his head out.


“Hmm?” Hummed the bald man as he turned.

“When you find him… or them whatever, I want them brought to me… this is a wolf attack. Wolf victim and wolf attackers. I’ll deal with them.”

The door to his office shut with a click. With a step toward the attached bathroom Jensen let his shirt fall onto one of the chairs. He’d clean up, change and then go check on Jared again. Somehow it just didn’t feel right leaving the man alone.

Katie had informed him that Chad had left earlier with the police to give a full statement and show them the crime scene. Every patient meant something to Jensen but something about losing Jared a few times on the table pulled at his heart like nothing else had in a long, long time.