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Chapter Three

Jared’s Coma

Jared had known the moment he woke up in the field that something wasn’t right. It was awesome…too awesome to be real. The sky was always the same. A blend of pinks, reds and oranges with just the right combination of hues to create the perfect Dawn. The grass was tall, tall enough to hide Jared’s massive frame but when he wanted to, he could see over it with no trouble at all.
The air was hot and comfortable with a cool breeze whenever it was needed and despite the large ponds clear blue appearance it tasted like chocolate milkshake.

The time of day never changed. It was quiet, far too quiet no birds in the air, no small animals skittering in the bushes and up in trees. There were no scents in the air at all.

Sometimes Jared could hear voices. Most of the time it was his Mom and sister Megan but sometimes another came. It was low and deep, smooth like a new were-pups fur and as sweet as honey/ Jared couldn’t place it though and no matter how far he ran the voices never got closer, never got louder and he never saw their owners.

It didn’t happen often but sometimes Jared Saw eyes. Eyes in the sky, as green as the grass and as detailed as a priceless piece of art. Jared saw power in them, dominance, authority and loyalty but at the same time he saw love, affection and warmth, a warmth that made Jared’s heart ache and chest swell with something he couldn’t explain. The eyes filled the sky but he knew, he knew they were fixed on him and nothing else. He knew them but couldn’t place them. Needed to know who they belonged to. The eyes spoke volumes. Of safety, of wolf, of Love and of Home.


Jared’s hospital room.

“Hey Jared?” Jensen greeted just as softly as he had every morning. Jared was still asleep though as sound as he had been since his admission four days prior. The room was empty besides the two of them, Jared’s bed, the few chairs, a TV, small dresser. The flowers Sheri had bought and the various wires that stuck out of Jared’s body here and there.

“How you doin today?” Jensen asked as he checked Jared over. He knew Jared probably wouldn’t answer but it was good to talk to him, No one knew for sure if anyone in a Coma could hear but Jensen believed that if there was a chance it was possible then it was worth a try, hearing someone’s voice could help. Or at least he hoped it could.

Jensen had insisted that Sheri take her family to the pent house and get settled. Get some well-needed sleep and some good food in them. He knew they wanted to be close to Jared and he had understood that but Jared didn’t need them starving or sleeping on their feet when he did finally wake up.

Jensen watched as the sun crept in through the slightly open curtains and fell perfectly across Jared’s face. The bruises and cuts had healed immensely. They weren’t fully gone but were far better than they had been before. The sun lit Jared’s face up, he looked healthier his skin less pale with more of a tan to it. His lips seemed less bluish with more of a pink tint to them. If Jensen hadn’t been admiring Jared’s progress and increasing good looks, he probably wouldn’t have noticed Jared’s eyelids fluttering.

He took the seat by Jared’s bed but chose not to place his hand in the taller mans. He lent over and fixed his eyes on Jared’s face as he spoke. “Jared?” he asked, “if you can hear my voice then I need you too open your eyes. You’re Ok I promise you that I just need you to open your eyes”

He waited a few minutes, his plump lower lip caught between his teeth as he watched Jared’s features until finally Jared’s eyes opened slowly and Jensens green were met with the most perfect hazel.

“Hi” he spoke, his voice soft and quiet

Jared parted his lips. His voice was hoarse and sounded sore. He was barley audible but Jensen understood what he said.
“It’s you…”