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Chapter Four

“Me?” Jensen asked with curiosity clear in his voice. “what about me?”
Before their conversation could continue though there was a soft knock at the door. “Jensen” Jensen glanced to the door hearing his name. A smile spread across his face as Chris stepped inside. “Sorry” Chris apologised. “But can I talk to you for a minute?”
Jensen nodded his head before glancing down at Jared. “I’ll be back” he told him as he placed his hand down on top of Jared’s. He gave it a gentle squeeze. He tried to ignore the jolt of heat that, that one simple touch sent through him. He smiled and followed Chris out of the room.

As they stepped into the corridor Jensen raised an eyebrow “You couldn’t have just called?” he asked.
Chris chuckled shaking his head. They stopped finally at one of the vending machines. Jensen watched as Chris took some money from his pocket and purchased a can of Cola. “I was at Steve’s place anyway” Chris told him.
Jensen smirked. He was against the wall back pressed firmly against the concrete as he raised an eyebrow. “Oh really?” he questioned.
“Really” Chris answered.
Jensen chuckled “So what’s up?”
Chris smiled and tilted his head toward Jared’s room “So he’s awake”
“Yeah” Jensen smiled.
“Just a few minutes ago. He answered glancing back quickly in the direction of Jared’s room. “I really got to get back in there”
Chris nodded and took a sip of the Cola. He lowered the can and sighed “we’ve expanded our search to the rest of Texas.”
Jensen nodded unsure as of what to really say. “Did they find anything useful at Jared’s place?”
Chris shrugged “Some stuff but otherwise not really. The dicks were careful but we’ll get them.”
Jensen watched as Chris licked his lips nervously and looked anywhere but at him.

“Can I ask you something Jen?” he asked.
“If you promise never to call me that again then yes.” Jensen nodded. He folded his arms across his chest and gave Chris a mock-serious glare.
“You care about him?”
“Of course I do” Jensen responded. “He’s a member of the Pack right?”
“No” Chris said shaking his head “Well, yes he is but that’s not what I meant. No I mean you CARE about him. I’ve never seen you look at anyone the way you look at him.”

Jensen chewed his lip between his teeth. It was true, he did care about Jared but to what extent he didn’t know. When he had seen Jared laying on the stretcher, all bloody and bruised something inside him , Something pure instinct took over and he really had no other choice but to save him. His mind was constantly on Jared it actually scared him. A lot.

“Jensen” Chris sighed. He placed his hand on Jensen‘s shoulder and gave it a tight squeeze. “I’m not judging you man. I think it’s great that you care about him, I do but please don’t be stupid… don’t do anything stupid we don’t know if they’ve infected him with anything.” at the glare Jensen shot him Chris raised his hands up defensively.
“I’m not saying its his fault Alpha” he assured using his friends title respectively. “I know its not his fault or anything. I’m just saying be careful if you end up infected with whatever this thing is, we don’t know what could happen to you, you’re not just the Alpha of this pack Jensen. We need you”

“I know Chris” Jensen said softly. He shrugged “I’m not really sure what’s going on and what it I I’m feeling but I promise until we know anything I wont do anything ‘stupid’ Ok?”
Chris nodded “you better get back in there”
“Yeah” Jensen agreed. “Call me tonight?”
“Sure” Chris nodded. “Now go.”


Jared watched as the green eyed man walked back into the room with an unopened bottle of water clutched in one hand and a straw in the other.
“Wh-wh” he tried but his throat wouldn’t work properly. It was frustrating to say the least. His body hurt for reasons unknown to him. When the green eyed man.. Jensen as the other had called him was out of the room Jared had had a look at himself. He judged from the casts on his arms and legs, the various wires and bandages attached to his body that he’d been in some sort of accident.

“Here.” Jensen said uncapping the water. Jared watched as he slid the straw into the bottle and moved closer until his legs touched the bed. Jared opened his mouth and let Jensen place the straw inside. He took a few gulps and sighed happily when the cool liquid seemed to sooth his throat.

“Where am I?” he asked his own voice sounding more familiar to him than it had just a few minutes ago.
“You’re in the hospital.” Jensen told him. “how are you feeling?”
Jared tried to shrug but topped himself just a the pain hit. He winced. “Sore.” he admitted and Jensen nodded. “We’ll get your pain meds up then and we’ll call your Mom, let her know you’re awake.”
“My mom’s here?.” Jared asked “Why?”
Jensen took the seat next to Jared’s bed and met his eyes.
“Jared you were in a Coma for 4 days.” he watched as Jared’s eyes widened and fear overtook the man’s amazing features.
“Must.. Have been a bad accident then.”
“Accident?” Jensen asked biting his lip. “Jared what exactly do you remember?”

Jared looked at Jensen then let his eyes move to the ceiling as he tried to remember.
“Um I remember coming home.” he said still looking thoughtful “then I remember…waking up here.. That’s about it, What happened?”
Jensen sighed then. He didn’t look comfortable Jared thought but didn’t call him on it.
“You were attacked.” Jensen told him. Silence filled the room. Jensen gave Jared time to process the information and Jared… well Jared really didn’t know what to say besides. “by who?”

“We don’t know that yet but we have people hunting Texas for them.” Jensen said quickly “Don’t worry Jared we’ll find them and make them pay for what they did to you.”

“What exactly did they do to me?” Jared asked worry coating his voice. His body hurt in more places than he’d originally registered. His stomach hurt, his thighs hurt and … his ass hurt.

“Jared…” Jensen said calmly.
“what did they do?” Jared cut in. his eyes were wide with fear and his skin was paler than it had been a few seconds ago. “What did they do?!”

“Jared!” Jensen’s voice was stern with authority. He could see and hear the monitors that kept an eye on Jared’s heart react to his panic. “You need to calm down”

“Alpha is everything ok in here?” A nurse questioned as she ran into the room. Responding to the sounds of Jared’s monitor.
“No” Jensen said and he didn’t bother to look back at her “I need you to up his pain meds by 10ml can you do that?” she nodded quickly.

“Alpha?” Jared asked stilling completely as he stared at Jensen. “you’re.. you’re Jensen Ackles that’s… how I know you” realisation took over Jared and Jensen quickly cupped his cheek to stop Jared from tilting his head to him.
“No” Jensen said quickly “you don’t need to do that Ok? You’re hurt Jared just relax Ok? Please” the worried look in Jensen’s eyes made Jared will his body to relax, he wanted to make that look disappear. As the higher dosage of pain medication worked its way into Jared’s body Jensen could see him relax physically. His body didn’t look so tense.

“I’ll call your Mom Ok?” Jensen said as his fingers absentmindedly stroked down Jared’s neck. He pulled them back though before he could let the feeling of Jared’s skin under his own effect him anymore than it already had.

He smiled down at the taller man. “Everything’s going to be Ok, Ok?” Jensen said standing. He stepped out from the chair and moved to the foot of Jared’s bed. “We’ll get your Mom here and then when you’ve talked to her we’ll decide what to do next.”

Jared nodded slowly. “yeah.. How are my dogs?”
Jensen smiled and chuckled slightly “They’re fine do you want them brought here?”
Jared nodded, a smile pulling on his lips.
“please.. And Alpha?”
“Call me Jensen”
“Ok, Jensen?”
“Thank you… I don’t know why or how I know it but I know that your part of the reason I’m still here…so thank you.”
Jensen smiled and nodded lifting a chart from the table near Jared’s bed. “I need to go check on more patient’s and call your Mom but I’ll be back Ok? And Jared.. Anytime” and it was true. He’d help Jared anytime. No matter what.
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Chapter Three

Jared’s Coma

Jared had known the moment he woke up in the field that something wasn’t right. It was awesome…too awesome to be real. The sky was always the same. A blend of pinks, reds and oranges with just the right combination of hues to create the perfect Dawn. The grass was tall, tall enough to hide Jared’s massive frame but when he wanted to, he could see over it with no trouble at all.
The air was hot and comfortable with a cool breeze whenever it was needed and despite the large ponds clear blue appearance it tasted like chocolate milkshake.

The time of day never changed. It was quiet, far too quiet no birds in the air, no small animals skittering in the bushes and up in trees. There were no scents in the air at all.

Sometimes Jared could hear voices. Most of the time it was his Mom and sister Megan but sometimes another came. It was low and deep, smooth like a new were-pups fur and as sweet as honey/ Jared couldn’t place it though and no matter how far he ran the voices never got closer, never got louder and he never saw their owners.

It didn’t happen often but sometimes Jared Saw eyes. Eyes in the sky, as green as the grass and as detailed as a priceless piece of art. Jared saw power in them, dominance, authority and loyalty but at the same time he saw love, affection and warmth, a warmth that made Jared’s heart ache and chest swell with something he couldn’t explain. The eyes filled the sky but he knew, he knew they were fixed on him and nothing else. He knew them but couldn’t place them. Needed to know who they belonged to. The eyes spoke volumes. Of safety, of wolf, of Love and of Home.


Jared’s hospital room.

“Hey Jared?” Jensen greeted just as softly as he had every morning. Jared was still asleep though as sound as he had been since his admission four days prior. The room was empty besides the two of them, Jared’s bed, the few chairs, a TV, small dresser. The flowers Sheri had bought and the various wires that stuck out of Jared’s body here and there.

“How you doin today?” Jensen asked as he checked Jared over. He knew Jared probably wouldn’t answer but it was good to talk to him, No one knew for sure if anyone in a Coma could hear but Jensen believed that if there was a chance it was possible then it was worth a try, hearing someone’s voice could help. Or at least he hoped it could.

Jensen had insisted that Sheri take her family to the pent house and get settled. Get some well-needed sleep and some good food in them. He knew they wanted to be close to Jared and he had understood that but Jared didn’t need them starving or sleeping on their feet when he did finally wake up.

Jensen watched as the sun crept in through the slightly open curtains and fell perfectly across Jared’s face. The bruises and cuts had healed immensely. They weren’t fully gone but were far better than they had been before. The sun lit Jared’s face up, he looked healthier his skin less pale with more of a tan to it. His lips seemed less bluish with more of a pink tint to them. If Jensen hadn’t been admiring Jared’s progress and increasing good looks, he probably wouldn’t have noticed Jared’s eyelids fluttering.

He took the seat by Jared’s bed but chose not to place his hand in the taller mans. He lent over and fixed his eyes on Jared’s face as he spoke. “Jared?” he asked, “if you can hear my voice then I need you too open your eyes. You’re Ok I promise you that I just need you to open your eyes”

He waited a few minutes, his plump lower lip caught between his teeth as he watched Jared’s features until finally Jared’s eyes opened slowly and Jensens green were met with the most perfect hazel.

“Hi” he spoke, his voice soft and quiet

Jared parted his lips. His voice was hoarse and sounded sore. He was barley audible but Jensen understood what he said.
“It’s you…”
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Chapter 2

Jensen spent Jared’s first night in hospital sleeping on the small couch in his office. Well it was more like he tried to sleep but with little success besides a few moments here and there, a lot of tossing and turning and a very unneeded amount of times checking up on patient’s who really after the first six times of checking really didn’t look any different.

Katie had insisted before she left that he go home but something about leaving Jared alone in the hospital just didn’t feel right. He spent most of the night in Jared’s room, checking his wounds, the stitches, the dressings, his pain medication and the monitors and everything else that was attached to the taller man.

He spoke to Jared as best he could. There was so little that he knew of the man so he simply talked about what was happening. He told him that Chad would be back in the next day. He told him that he’d gone to the apartment they shared, because he needed to let the cops in to collect other evidence. He told him that yes he had been injured pretty badly but if he just made it through the night then he’d make it through it all.

He sat by Jared’s bed on the small padded blue seat while he spoke. He let Jared know that his parents were on their way from San Antonio and that his dogs were fine. And he told him that during the surgery, one of the assistant nurses had insisted she’d give him a hair cut while they where fixing him up.

“Don’t worry,” he chuckled “I told her no… kind of figured you liked your hair.” Jensen had said smiling, although he didn’t really know what had caused it. The nurse wasn’t particularly funny, the joke had been said in a very inappropriate time but something about the image of Jared’s hair flopping down over his face like Jensen imagined it would made him ..Happy?

When the sun rose Jensen let out a breath he didn’t know he’d been holding. Jared had made it through the night with little adjustments here and there but he had made it. After a few simple tests Jensen, as well as a few others had decided to move Jared into a ward.

After Jared had been moved Jensen returned to his office. He showered in the small bathroom and changed into a clean set of clothes. He took the small blanket from the storage closet and got about an hour of full sleep before he woke with a start, a soft knock rousing him.

“I’ll be right with you,” he called as he sat up, hand placed over his mouth to silence the yawn that escaped. He stretched out, cracking both wrists as he did so. He stood and with one glance through the open bathroom door he checked himself in the mirror, smoothed down his hair, wiped the sleep from his eyes and un-rumpled his clothes before he opened the door.

“Alpha” spoke the small blonde nurse who stared up at him. “These” she pointed gesturing her arm to the people behind her “are the Padalecki’s… Jared’s parents they wanted to speak with you.”

“Oh right” Jensen nodded pulling the door open wider. “Come on in thanks Sarah” the blonde nurse nodded then turned. Waved at the Padalecki’s and walked off into one of the corridors.

Jensen let two men and two women enter the room before he let the door shut with a click. He motioned for them to sit on the sofa, which they did. The two women in the middle with one of the men on either side of them.
They each tilted their head to the side but by the looks on their faces it seemed they didn’t even know they where doing it. “I’m Sheri,” one of the women said. She had dark hair and hazel eyes, her skin was pale in complexion and her eyes were rimmed red with past shed tears. “Jared’s mother,” she smiled slightly gesturing one hand to the man beside her. “This is my husband Jerry.”

Jensen stood taking each of their hands in a firm but gentle grip. “It’s nice to meet you” Jensen nodded. He stepped back while Sheri continued to talk

“This is my daughter Megan. Jared’s younger sister.” Jensen took the young girls hand in his and gave her what he hoped was a reassuring smile. “And this” Sheri spoke again gesturing to the man sat with his arm resting comfortably over Megan’s shoulders “is Jeff, Jared’s big brother…”
She swallowed then her eyes finally rising to meet Jensen’s just as he sat down on the chair behind his desk. “How is my son Alpha?”

Jensen took a deep breath and cleared his throat. “Well he’s not awake but we’re hopeful” he smiled. “He made it through the night with no complications and the surgery’s went well. We’ll have to wait until he wakes up to see the exact extent of the wolfs-bane.”

“Wolfs-bane?” Sheri askedm her eyes tearing up again. Jensen reached into the top drawer of his desk and pulled a box of tissues out which he handed over to her. “Thank you. I thought wolfs-bane didn’t exist anymore?”

Jensen stood then, hands clasped behind his back as he looked out the window eyes gazing down at the people and cars bellow. “Well… That’s what we thought as well” he answered, “but Jared’s attacker used a combination of it and pure silver to drug him.” He heard a sob come from behind him and took a deep breath. He hated moments like this. Talking to family members he didn’t know. Wolves that were scared and looked to him for comfort, advice and information. He hated it sometimes in situations like this.

He turned to see each member of the Padalecki family looking at him. “We heard you stayed here last night” Megan said “with Jared?”

Jensen nodded and she smiled. “Thank you Alpha… I hate the thought of him waking up alone…”

“He won’t” Jensen assured her. “Now I’m guessing you’ll be here for a while?” All four nodded.

“Jared’s apartment is far too small for you four and Chad. The police are there and from what I’ve heard it’s a bit of a mess after…” he trailed off. “I’ve arranged for you too stay in one of the pent houses near the hospital.”

“We couldn’t possibly…” Jensen raised his hand to silence Jeff’s protests

“No seriously it’s no trouble. No rent is needed, you’re welcome to stay there as long as you need to.”

“Thank you Alpha.”

“It’s no problem” Jensen told Jared’s parents. “Now would you like to see your son? I’ll be honest he looks pretty bad. There are some cuts and bruises that can’t be hidden by a blanket but remember he lived through the night and a strong wolf from what I’ve seen and heard in just a few hours, he’ll make it.”


If it wasn’t clear how much Sheri loved her son by the way she practically ran into his hospital room and straight over to his bed, it was when she kissed his forehead, took the seat beside the bed nearest his face and clasped his hand in hers as best she could. She started whispering things to him. Things Jensen could hear but decided not to listen to. It seemed like a very intimate family moment and despite Jensen being the Packs Alpha, the pack being one big family, Jared was Sheri’s pup.

When Jensen left Jared’s room he almost walked face first into Christian Kane, one of Jensen’s friends as well as his assistant.

“Jensen” Chris grinned “I know you’ve missed me but really, throwing your self on me? In a hospital? Isn’t that a bit much?”

Jensen’s eyebrow quirked as they walked through the hall back toward the elevator.

“Is it done?” Jensen asked just as they stepped through the elevator doors and Chris pushed the button to take them down to the main reception.

“Yeah. Why are you doing this Jensen? It’s not like you know the kid and I know he’s part of the pack but putting his family up in a penthouse? Ordering a guard at his door? Why?”

Jensen gave Chris a sideway’s glance. They’d known each other for years and not once had Jensen ever been lost for words around the man but now he found himself struggling to find a logical, sensible reason for his behaviour and protectiveness over Jared and his family. So he decided to try and explain it as best he could.

“They’ve hidden their scent Chris.” Jensen watched as Chris’s expression turned from curiosity to confusion then to horror.

“You mean?”

Jensen nodded. “They’ve been injecting God only knows what into themselves to do it. The fluids we found on Jared? I had a sample run last night.” At Chris’s expression he cleared his throat. “I gave the rest to the police don’t worry.”

“And?” Chris asked just as the doors to the elevator opened and they stepped out.

They were silent until they came to Jensen’s office. He unlocked the door and ushered his friend inside only speaking again when it was closed.

“And the test’s came back a few hours ago. Whoever did this isn’t exactly wolf…anymore. They’ve changed somehow and that just isn’t right. We don’t know if this is some infection or if it’s happened at their own hand but whatever it is we need to find it and fix it”

Chris sat on Jensen’s chair ignoring the look Jensen shot him completely. “At least with the change in their DNA or whatever they’ll be easy to identify right?”

Jensen shrugged but nodded. “Yeah but we don’t know if their mutation or whatever has actually stopped yet or if it’s affected Jared’s DNA in anyway…”

“Yeah” Chris nodded. “I guess” he sighed. “We’ll just have to wait and see if he you know…changes.”
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Chapter One

“So were there any messages for me?” Jensen queried as he and Katie took their seats at the small table in the hospital cafeteria.

“Hm?” Katie asked as she placed her purse between her feet under the table.

“Oh yes… um sorry I forgot to say. I have them written down though.” She bit her lip nervously and looked anywhere but at him. Jensen leaned back in his seat, shaking his head as he watched her. They had known each other for years and were actually pretty close friends. Katie was human, one of the few that Jensen told some pack details too, yet if she made one simple mistake she felt the need to apologize repeatedly no matter how many times he assured her that it was no big deal.

He chuckled, eyes meeting hers when she finally looked up at him. “Katie.” he spoke, voice soft “It’s fine honestly, just tell me what the messages were.”

She nodded pulling a small white piece of paper from the pocket of her denim jacket.

“Your Mom called a few times.” She smiled. “After asking me how my life was and if I’d met anyone special, she told me to let you know that she loves you and if you don’t call her soon she’ll reveal the puppy pictures to the press.”

“She wouldn’t!” Jensen spoke, eyes narrowing in Katie’s general direction.

She had a feeling though that if Jensen’s mother were there, the glare would have been fixed on her… although of course it would be when her back was turned and she had no implements in hand that could cause him any physical or mental harm.

“She would.” Katie informed him, grinning as he shook his head. “And also.” She smiled leaning back in her seat, fingers placed lightly upon the cheese sandwich on her tray. “Mr. Kane called.” At the look Jensen gave her she cleared her throat. “Chris called.” She corrected. “He wanted me to let you know that the soup your mother cooked was amazing. He has given it a lot of thought and he has decided to kidnap your father, and tie him up in someone’s basement. Said he couldn’t say whom because then you’d know where he’d be.” She laughed softly. “He continued by saying that after your father was securely tied in the basement, he’d marry your mother, enjoy her cooking and become your new ,I think his words were daddy-o. He asked what your thoughts are and if you have anything to add to his statement. I told him I’m not sure you’d agree to his plan or indulge his fantasies about your mother’s cooking in any way but I’d pass on the message…”

“Well.” Jensen began as he took in Christian’s clearly thought out rant. “If he calls again tell him…” Jensen’s reply was cut short by a loud ear piercing scream from the corridor outside. He stood abruptly not really noticing as the cheese pasta and the Coke he’d considered for dinner fell to the floor as he ran out toward the noise quickly followed by Katie’s small frame.

“What do we have?” Jensen asked the young nurse when she practically ran into him in the hallway. “It’s pretty bad Alpha!” She panted as she ran alongside him toward the ER. “And his friend’s pretty frantic. I tried to calm him down but its not working and the guy’s bleeding pretty bad.”

As soon as the ER double doors swung open, Jensen’s eyes locked on the blonde haired, frantic man who stood just outside the huddle of doctors. He made a quick assessment of his surroundings before he stepped closer to the young male.

“Sir what’s your name?”

“IT DOESN’T MATTER WHAT MY FUCKING NAME IS JUST FUCKING FIX HIM!” He barked his words, eyes diverted, fixed firmly on the huddle of doctors and nurses.

“Sir!” Jensen repeated, his voice stern but not exactly threatening.

When the man’s eyes finally moved to him, Jensen watched as he seemed to calm. He took a few steps back from Jensen and quickly tilted his head. “Sorry Alpha” he spoke quietly. “He’s my friend I’m just worried shitless.”

“I understand.” Jensen said hand lightly placed on the smaller mans shoulder. “Now what’s your name sir?”

“Chad Michael Murray.” Chad announced, eyes finally falling back on his friend.

Jensen watched as he chewed his lower lip between his teeth and if the strong stench of blood wasn’t enough to give it away that the guy was hurt the look on Chad’s face did.

“And his name?” Jensen questioned following Chad’s gaze.

“His name’s Jared… I found him tied up … It’s pretty bad.”

“Don’t worry. we’ll do our best. Could you go with Katie please?” Jensen asked as the small woman approached. “We need you to fill in some forms. The police will be here soon”

Jensen didn’t wait for Chad’s reply. He stepped into the crowd of doctors who easily parted for him. They wheeled Jared down the hall and into one of the examination rooms away from the prying eyes of spectators and away from the noise of a crowded ER. After a further examination and further study of the paramedic notes, they wheeled him off to surgery.

Several hours later Jensen stepped out of the ER, his blue scrubs painted red with Jared’s blood. He stepped into his office only to stop short of pulling his shirt off.

“Can I help you?” He asked the two men at his desk. Stepping closer he realized they were police officers.

“Yes, we’re here about Jared Padalecki.” The tall bald one said as he stood extending his hand to Jensen.

“Jared Padalecki?” Jensen questioned aloud. “Oh right him, sorry…” Jensen apologized, removing the protective cap from his head. He wiped at his forehead with the back of his hand before he took a seat behind the desk.

“It’s been a rough night.” Both officers nodded. The dark haired one leaned forward clasping both hands on his knee, his head tilted slightly before he straightened up and began to speak.

“We understand Alpha, we just need to know if you could tell us how bad his injuries are for the report.”

Jensen nodded and sat back, eyes diverted as he spoke. Being covered in someone’s blood wasn’t really the most comfortable position to be in while in deep conversation but then again Jensen figured that being in Jared’s? shoes right now wouldn’t be easy either.

“He’s alive,” he told them. “He’s in ICU right now and if he lives through the night then he should be okay… we hope. Whoever did this to him drugged him. We took samples of his blood that you can take along with you for evidence if you need.” The dark haired cop nodded so Jensen continued. “He’s been burned, restrained and pretty badly beaten not to mention…” He took a deep breath before finally his eyes met both officers.

“He’s been raped and its pretty bad. we took samples of the… fluids that you’re welcome to take as well. From what we know so far, we know that Jared’s attacker was an Alpha…”

“You mean?” The bald cop asked blinking slightly before leaning closer, seemingly intrigued by the details of Jared’s attack. “They knotted him?”

Jensen eyed the man carefully before nodding. “Yes… the drugs we’ve given him will ease with the physical pain. The broken bones will heal and so will the other injuries… I can’t say much for the emotional pain though.”

Jensen stood then, watching as both men followed his example. He sighed stepping out from behind the desk. “If we’re done here I’d really like to get changed.”

The cops nodded, handed Jensen over a small white card with a number on it then quickly left the office. Before the door closed though Jensen peeked his head out.


“Hmm?” Hummed the bald man as he turned.

“When you find him… or them whatever, I want them brought to me… this is a wolf attack. Wolf victim and wolf attackers. I’ll deal with them.”

The door to his office shut with a click. With a step toward the attached bathroom Jensen let his shirt fall onto one of the chairs. He’d clean up, change and then go check on Jared again. Somehow it just didn’t feel right leaving the man alone.

Katie had informed him that Chad had left earlier with the police to give a full statement and show them the crime scene. Every patient meant something to Jensen but something about losing Jared a few times on the table pulled at his heart like nothing else had in a long, long time.